Glyphosate is everywhere

And it might even be in your body:
70%+ of EU-citizens that have tested with our kits documented glyphosate in their body.
Glyphosate is worldwide the most used herbizide. 2 billion kilogrammes are sprayed every present year to our environment. In the last years concerns rose that glyphosate could be causing cancer. And even be responsible to further health implications.

We share if you share

We pay a part of the cost.
If you help us with taking part on a survey (~15 mins), we pay a part of the cost of testing.
We would like to be buying food without residues.
At this time almost no one in Europe is independently trying to understand the ways of our contamination.
We are searching for recurrent patterns, e.g. diet or regional particularities.
We want that you, that we and the politicians in charge are able to make better informed decisions.

Live democracy.

"Unbearably hesitant" is how we experience authorities.
While the authorities are unfortunately still reluctant to determine the scope and origin of the contamination - we act. Because we do not believe that a poison should be in our bodies nor those of our children. The poisoning must end.

Why do we do...

We believe if no one else cares we should.

Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide / total herbicide in the world.
For a few years it is strongly suspected to be carcinogenic and cause a number of other health hazards. Some surveys suggest that glyphosate can be detected in the urine of 70 - 90% of the population.

Many well-known scientists from around the world and the World Health Organization (IARC) cancer department are very concerned about this.
However, the competent authorities only appease and remain inactive. There is even talk of fraud in the risk assessment.

At various events people came to us and asked how to test oneself.
We have therefore decided to offer this possibility, because if the authorities remain inactive, we must take that into our own hands.

We participate in your costs.

We want to be able to buy food again, where we can be confident that they are not contaminated. Some foods that are likely to be contaminated, we have already identified. Through the collection of many data, we can recognize even more accurately and even faster patterns here.

The take-action discount
This is why we offer to pay a part of the cost if you agree to fill out a questionnaire which takes appoximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Of course you can do the testing without the questionnaire and pay more, this is up to you.

This is how:

Get your testkit > Take the sample > Send to lab > Result to your home
The kit contains:
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38 Euro (~34 £) / 35 Euro (~32 £)


Kit content:close

  • - TEST-KIT, complete
  • - Transportcontainer
  • - Laboratory requisition ticket
  • - Barcodes/Precoded
  • - Instruction
  • - Special returnbox for biosamples

Your result

After evaluation by the laboratory you will be sent the result directly home.
If you have selected the take-action-variant you will be able to submit the questionnaire online.
Participation is voluntary. If you decide to do so, we will pay you a part of your test.
Teste Deinen Wert


How many?
Where send to?
Mode of payment

Benefit of the take-action-discount?

Accept conditions.

Total amount: 38.00EUR