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Terms And Conditions Of This Service

We are a community of interest dedicated to understand the scale of the contamination of glyphosate and its possible impact on our health.

As our community found various patterns with indications of negative health effects of certain foods we decided to investigate the cause. Our suspicion that those problems could be related to a common weed killer called glyphosate strengthened over the duration of this investigation.

That is when we concluded a general agreement with an accredited laboratory to enable our members to test their urine for glyphosat at a reasonable price. This part of the study was then called GT1.

Due to high demand and while the study continues we then created this website to expand the circle of test persons to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. GT2 was born.
While the study lasted people from other countries asked us if we could extend our service for them too. Some of them even helped us translate the site (Thank you for that and thus GT3!)

Now we do not only want to see the data of the contamination. We also want to understand which are the contamination paths and what could be the possible negative impacts on our health. This is where you can help us even more. As an incentive to participate in this part of the study, we offer a discount to those that answer some questions to their general health state and their dietary habits after receiving the test values by filling out a questionnaire (takes about 10-15 minutes per result).

With the participation and ordering of the test kit the purchasers agree that we store the test value for an anonymized publication of the results with postal code and the test value on a virtual map as well as the evaluation of the values in the overall context of the investigation. There will be no further personal data handed to third party at any time, and we will only store the data that are needed to fulfil your order.

By completing the questionnaire, the notifying parties agree that we also analyze these data anonymously and use them in the context of publications. With your entry for other test persons, e.g. family members you confirm that consent was given to use those data in same manner.

All data entered will be stored securely and responsibly within the framework of modern technical possibilities and will not be passed on to third parties beyond the aforementioned publications. However, we reserve the right to pass on the ANONYMIZED data to scientists and physicians who assist us with the evaluation and identification of possible negative effects on health.

The payment of the fee does not constitute a further obligation for us other than the mediation and dispatch of the test kits.