This webservice is provided by sdhp New Media Switzerland on behalf of the interest community GT3.


Please do not send urine samples to either of the addresses below. This will unnecessarily delay the run time.
You have received an addressed return box along with the test kit. This is the return address for the samples.
If you have misplaced the box, please contact us via info[ät] because of the address with your known email address.

Postal adress for EU-Members:
Interessengemeinschaft GTEST
vertreten durch S. Hocker
Postfach 1522
DE-78305 Radolfzell

Postal adress for SWISS Citizens:
sdhp Steffen Hocker
Stockwiesenstrasse 42
CH-8240 Thayngen

For contact or for press inquiries we ask you to send an email to:

General Inquiries: info[ät]
Press inquiries: presse[ät]

Or use our Contact form as provided here: